Establishing a value prior to an estate sale

Non-certified Fair Market Value Appraisal. What is it?

Attorneys, beneficiaries, fiduciaries, as well as, family members sometimes need or want a value of items inside a home. That is called a fair market value appraisal.  It is not an appraisal for insurance or replacement value, as you would think, that would be called a certified appraisal. With over 30 years working in the estate sale arena, we know the value that can be realized in an estate sale venue.

When family members divide up items in their families estate prior to an estate sale…

to remain fair and balanced, they want to know the value that each person will be receiving.
That is when a fair market value appraisal comes into play.

Another reason for a fair market value appraisal

We tailor the appraisal to the needs of the estate, for example, some estates do not have working capital. That being said, the cost of the liquidation process might exceed the total gross sales. Some homes, sadly to say, do not have items that have a high estate sale value. It would be nice for our clients to know that in advance, rather than just trade dollars.  After the appraisal, the estate can decide whether it would be a better choice to donate or send to an auction.


Other offered services

Sales is not our only objective; being a service oriented company, to us, is just as important
For example, fiduciaries, attorneys and family members have all asked us to meet basic needs. 

  • Delivery Service: A fiduciary asked us to purchase and relocate furniture to her clients retirement apartment
  • Hoarder Cleanout: A fiduciary ask us to clean up a gentleman’s home who was burying himself alive with trash, food wrappers, used kleenex, old mail and worn clothes
  • Appraisal of items in storage: A fiduciary asked us to go thru, itemize, appraise and re-box and place back in storage all items in a group of storage lockers
  • Box for auction: After the death of a fiduciaries client, that had no family, we were asked to box and deliver all items to an auction
  • Find important items in an estate: After the death of a fiduciaries client we were asked to go thru all of the bags of papers the family threw away to look for safety deposit keys, a will, a trust, life insurance policies etc. We ended up finding about $80,000 in a garage floor safe

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