Establishing a value prior to an estate sale

Appraisals 101

Non-certified Fair Market Value Appraisal. To illustrate, family members sometimes need or want a value of a homes contents.  That is a fair market value appraisal, specifically.  However, it is not for insurance or replacement value, as you would think. A certified appraisal is what fills that need.

Dividing up a homes possessions among family members prior to an estate sale

Family members sometimes want to know the value of the items each family member chooses to keep.
Accordingly, a fair market appraisal can determine that. In brief, this service can balance the scales and alleviate conflicts.


Other offered services

Sales is not our only objective; being a service oriented company, to us, is just as important.

For example, fiduciaries, attorneys and family members have all asked us to meet basic needs. 

  • Delivery Service: Purchase and relocate furniture to her clients retirement apartment
  • Hoarder Cleanout: Clean up a gentleman’s home who was burying himself alive with trash, food wrappers, used kleenex and old mail
  • Appraisal of items in storage: Go thru, itemize, appraise and re-box and place back in storage all items in a group of storage lockers
  • Box for auction: We were asked to box and deliver all items in a home to an auction
  • Find important items in an estate: Go thru all of the bags the family threw away to look for safety deposit keys, a will or trust, life insurance policies etc. As a result, we found about $80,000 in a garage floor safe

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