Estate Sales or Buyouts

Trash or treasure?  

With so many sales in the last 33 years, we certainly don’t like to fill the landfills. So many items can be sold and used by someone else. For instance, we have seen what customers buy, as well as, what they leave behind.  That being said, we let the buyers establish the need.

Basically, we are hired to create income for an estate

Knowing how to identify the good, bad and the ugly is imperative. For example, Grandmas old furniture can be repainted and repurposed. Likewise, common cleaning chemicals are in demand, as well as, personal care items and make up. Let’s not forget, yard art, as rusty as it can get, is a keeper. People love it. For those reasons, don’t throw anything away. We can’t emphasize that enough.  If you are encountering a Hoarder situation, without a doubt, we know what to do.

Estate sale timeline

First day set up; we bring in tables and tablecloths and rearrange rooms to allow for table display of your items. If we need to do a bit of cleaning, we do that too. We like to empty furniture so that if it sells, we aren’t forced to empty it at the sale.  That part of set up can take anywhere from one to three days.  In that process we might find a few things the family didn’t. Things like money, jewelry, family pictures, memorabilia–things families want to keep. And we have found it all. Lots of money, diamonds, safe deposit keys, wills, trusts, insurance papers, car pink slips…we know what to look for and not throw away. We set those aside for you. After complete set up, we tag and start pricing. Sales days vary due to volume and circumstances. That is it. Kind of simple.

And most important, we secure all side gates

so there is only one way in and out past the cashier. After the sale, for an hourly fee, we can box items for donation. It is up to the estate what they want to do with what is left. If the estate has a vehicle to sell check out our Vehicle Liquidation page. Did you know that…

Estate sales bring you the most amount of money for your items

Buyout Options

We understand when a buyout might be the only option. For example, time constraints, family stress or living out of town, restrictions regarding Home Owners Associations in condo complexes, mobile home parks, senior facilities and neighborhoods all play a part. When an estate sale is not desired or possible, as a result, we will offer you options to help you realize the most amount of money possible. We do not have a way of liquidating items outside the arena of an estate sale, therefore, we do not do buyouts. However, we are most happy to give you direction, offer you companies that can help that you can work directly with.


Past Estate Sales

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