Hoarder Cleanout

There is value hidden in all those piles

A hoarder cleanout is imminent when homes
become unsafe for those who live there.

Hoarder cleanouts are becoming more frequent. To explain, a shift in the condition of homes has taken place during the last 20-30 years.
For example, we are finding new boxed items piled high and unopened throughout a home.

Hoarder home cleanout or
“how to meet your local firemen”

Fire hazards are stacks of old paper items like magazines and newspapers, clothing thrown on floors, boxes blocking normal walkways in a home, as well as, common household chemicals.  Our nation is over merchandised with objects to obtain.  As a result, we are seeing the evidence of just that.  Separating trash from salable items is what we do. Items that can be sold to offset the costs of cleanup.


A petrified rat in petrified peace next to an empty bag of chocolate

What could be hidden in a hoarder cleanout setting?
We have seen the worst

We have cleaned up dead cats, dead rats, rotten food and water damaged household items. For this purpose, hoarder cleanouts are necessary. They are a health hazard. They are also necessary to clean up if you want to fix up and sell a home. We have over 33 years experience in cleaning out, hoarder or not, and as a result, we have established a system of order.

A hoarder home we cleaned out

Endless trash and treasure; tackling it one bag at a time


Hoarder Clean Out Before

18 days and 5 workers tirelessly un-bagging,
separating, packing boxes on trucks for auction



It felt so good to get done.
Teamwork is not overrated


Hoarder Clean Out Before

No Thanksgiving gatherings here.
Kitchen was just as bad as the dining room.


Hoarder Clean Out Before

No entry here outside and inside.
The entry way was totally blocked.



We wondered how this went on so long.
The house was hidden at the top of a hill.



We finally found the kitchen.
What a mess!

Customers who just can’t pass up a good deal


Our number one priority is creating income. Offering an interior clean up service, to remove trash and debris, we can gather together items that can be sold. A hoarders belongings should not be underestimated. It is amazing what the general public will pay you to haul items from your house to theirs… if it is priced to their liking. They can’t pass up a good deal either.

Clean up can take anywhere from three days to two months

We have documented, anywhere from $15,000 to $70,000 in merchandise sales have been realized in a hoarder home, based on volume. Those homes had been thought to be trash outs alone. We see things a bit different. If we can turn the “collections” into cash it only serves to offset the cost of clean up. It just makes sense.

Note: This picture is one of our past customers in San Diego who purchased the man and woman’s monkey hair wedding headdresses from one of our estate sales. He was really excited. Who knew these would be such hot items.

G I L A   R I V E R   A R E N A

I will post back when they start up again.

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Psalm 1:1-3

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