Our Story: The Brackney’s 
Sissi, Taylor, Bob, and Maddie    Sedona, AZ 1997

Cody is 29 and a fireman for the Heartland Lemon Grove, CA fire station, Taylor is 26 and the manager at a San Diego Starbucks, Maddie is 32 and is married with three daughters.


Jack Brackney Decoys;
A San Diego Legend

Another part of our story

Bobby’s father’s decoys are all over the internet. It was what he loved to do and Bobby was right there working along side of him for years. Bobby not only cut, carved, sanded and painted the decoys he packed up the finished ducks carefully in boxes and packed the old station wagon for shows. Bobby’s mom and dad travelled to any local craft show they could gain entry into. It was a very rewarding life for both of them and they made wonderful friends along the way. This sweet family business created a lot of really great memories.

Here are a couple of ducks Bobby made.

The one on the right Bobby made for me after we were married in 1985 and gave it to me for Christmas. It is a Sleeper Teal in walnut. It is my most treasured possession. If our house was on fire, this is what I would grab on the way out.


Our Story

Our Story in a nutshell

It really isn’t about us. Rather it is about what God has done in your life to help bring you to where you need to be. And that is a “thank you Lord” moment.

Our story isn’t unique.

Every different business starts small. As did ours. Each one with a different family dynamic, different product or service and all wanting to make their mark.

Bobby has been in this industry since 1977

as a result, with knowledge of the basic and the peculiar. I’ll describe him as a “quick, on his feet thinker”.  Evaluating an estate for the first time, for example, his mind is positioning tables and merchandise immediately. He knows exactly what needs to be moved out and what needs to be moved in for aesthetics.

Our story in his words…

“Visiting the outdoor swap meet, every weekend with my family growing up, introduced me to “other peoples stuff”. It was just as good as something new plus it offered an adventure digging for the unknown in all those boxes. It was something we looked forward to as a family.

I worked for my dad for years in his craft

making handmade hard wood duck decoys. At some point, with a wife and young daughter to care for, surely I needed to earn extra money. My dad always told me “Robert, ordinary things for ordinary people” and it seemed to work. However, I soon realized that people will buy just about anything. The more merchandise I bought, consequently, the more I sold. Therefore, every truck I bought had to be bigger than the last. Then one day in the mid 80’s someone said “can you sell everything in my house?”  That is how it all started.

Our kids have all played a part

in building this business. All three in honors math classes, were a natural at the cash table. Loading and unloading the truck, Ahhh, not so thrilled. As soon as we expanded into the estate sale arena I found it extremely rewarding. To be placed in a position of trust and responsibility by family members suffering a loss commissioned my best efforts.  My wife and I both were lifelong ‘hands on, take care of your loved ones no matter what’ kind of people. Therefore, when someone calls with a need we know what they are facing; the pain, the loss and the need for help.

There have been some painful and rewarding turns in our story. We have learned a lot and have implemented what we learned into how we run our business. We don’t want to just blend in, we strive to offer an extraordinary service.”

Another part of our story

We love the Lord. We have all known what it is like to live with the knowledge and strength He offers. And we have known what it is like to live without it. Knowing Him is better. Loving Him is wonderful. Knowing He loves us unconditionally is a gift we don’t deserve. But He never makes an issue of whether or not we deserve His grace…He just gave it, long before we were born. If there was anything worth telling anyone, anytime, it is that Jesus is our saviour. That He died so that we could live. And He changes life. He gives us a new heart. You just invite Him in.

Our Staff

Our Story Bob Brackney Owner of Brackney's Estate Sales

Bob Brackney
Chief Muckety Muck (owner/operator)

My husband Bobby, until last year, had lived on the same street in El Cajon California his whole life. His experiences at the swap meet go way back to his childhood where his family regularly shopped. He has grown up in this industry and has been a student of second hand sales. He sometimes lies in bed at night just thinking how he is going to set up a house and make it look nice. He is driven for this purpose. It is what he loves.


I try to intervene with a “better idea” but he says “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it”. He has a method to his madness. He has built our business to what it is.


in California to a great couple who understood and agreed with Bobby about integrity and honesty.
Bobby is sure footed. He knows his stuff and I know he is well respected for his integrity and work ethic.


Sissi Brackney
Chief Mucks wife

Sissi, born and raised in the Los Angeles area, started her working career at an aerospace company where her mother worked as an executive secretary. She started working in the advertising field in the early 1970’s working her way up to an advertising designer position. In 1982, she moved to a small town north of Houston to be near her family who had relocated there.


brought her back to California in 1985 to take care of an aunt and uncle in El Cajon. Her plan was to move her relatives back to Houston. In the process of their care, she put an ad in the newspaper for a liquidation sale. Who knew that this ad would change her whole life. Bobby answered that ad. He didn’t buy anything but he was anxious to help in her need. She thought he was the nicest guy she had ever met. He had a heart of gold.


Instead, she married Bobby six months to the day after they met. It was a God thing, those fine thin threads only He can maneuver.

We will miss California

and what it offered but we are way too excited about our new life here in Glendale, Arizona and meeting new people to serve.
We were so ready to “get out of dodge”.

Who is Bob Brackney anyway?

Interesting side note:

It is like a Who’s Who for us. Our past sales have included; a woman who was the cryptologist and administrative assistant to the attorney in the Nuremberg trials, Carrie Baker and her husband Col. Harry Baker who built the gallows for the trial; a man in Class 6 of the Navy Seals Louis DeLara; the first woman and woman president in Toastmasters, Helen Blanchard.

We were also fortunate to liquidate for:

one of the first five women colonels in the army who was a tour guide for Helen Keller, Col. Lane Carlson; Dr. Norm Sperber; a nationally recognized forensic dentist who identified the survivors of the PSA crash in San Diego; for a leader in Boys and Girls club; for a CFO of Coors; for an executive at Convair; and the Ginger Rogers auction here in San Diego in the late 1990’s.

So many fun sales with wonderful history. It has been such a unique journey. We have loved every minute of it.

Some of our favorite restaurants we have found near us

C A B I N   W E S T

Great food, great atmosphere,  friendly staff, outdoor fire pits, lots of sports, dogs welcomed!

T H E   N E S T   S P O R T S   B A R

Fantastic food, great prices, really friendly staff, lots of TV’s and sports!

Y A R D   H O U S E

A busy place, a bit higher priced, but a great place to relax with
a wonderful atmosphere and lighting, great food, 107 varieties of beer and friendly staff!

And coming in at Numero Uno

U R B A N   M A R G A R I T A

Hatch Green Chili Chicken Enchilada and Chicken Salad

Somewhat new, calm, relaxing, great atmosphere, wonderful staff and really incredible food. 


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