Vehicle Liquidation

It isn’t always a car

Vehicle liquidation isn’t needed in every estate, however, when it is, we have the knowledge to turn it into cash.
We have, in the past, had to liquidate various multiple assets. For example, motorhomes, ATV’s, trailers, tractors and skip loaders.
Not to mention, we have sold motorcycles, jet skis, car bodies, as well as, commercial generators, dump trailers, cement mixers and 40′ sea crates.

Selling your car versus donating

  Current fair market value changes over time, however, establishing a value isn’t difficult.
Older used cars are an affordable starter car for a new driver, as a result, moms and dads are on the lookout for those.

Make, model, condition, miles and a bad carfax report all play a part

In some cases, it may be necessary to donate if the value is not there.
As a matter of fact, it may be more financially beneficial for the estate to donate than to sell.

Including a vehicle in your estate sale drives more customers to your sale

In the same way people come to a sale, sometimes, just to see the house. In that same vein, they come just to see a vehicle.
And while they are there, they end up taking a look around. This increases sales and eyes on your homes merchandise.

Past Liquidations

Getting a vehicle sale ready

Sometimes they just need a little loving care

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